Our values


• Honest
We commit to honest business interaction with our investors, clients and partners

• Open
we remain open to hearing and listing to different ideas, strategies and implementation techniques even when different from what we know

• Direct
To ensure clear communications we pledge directness and clarity in meaning when we express ourselves

• Respect
We uphold the value of respecting others as we expect to be respected ourselves, showing care for others and otherselves in our work regardless of position, race or gender

• Accountability
We are human and making mistakes is part of the human experience. We strive to take full accountability in situations when we do error

• Transparency
We aim to build trust with our partners, clients and employees through clear and transparent behavior

• Inclusion
We work as a team and involve all relevant team members and do not exclude any individuals without justified reason to do so

• Honoring Commitments
We strive to deliver on our commitments be it time, contractual or project related