Throne Story

About Throne

Throne is a boutique logistics platform and closely tied to the global logistics brand Crown. Throne's Chairman and founder, James E. Thompson III, is the son of the founder and Chairman of the Crown Worldwide Group, James E. Thompson.

Throne is a logistics platform specializing in high quality, logistics assets in key emerging Asian markets with a focus on China and Malaysia. We focus on high return assets in major cities on a 5-7 year investment horizon with a focus on logistics property development and leasing to high growth potential tenants. Current pipeline projects in China include 1 project in the Greater Beijing area and 1 project in Tianjin. There are additionally 2 high quality logistics assets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Throne is also a specialized M&A Advisory which is capable of sourcing logistics operating companies and logistics property assets for global logistics firms and investors. Throne can source logistics operating companies, logistics properties and provide consultancy services on M&A strategy, transaction evaluation, and planning.

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