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A Philippine discovery for Throne

Aug 6, 2018 - Throne has successfully advised on another logistics space on August 6, 2018 in Manila. The specialized 3PL transaction was a private business successfully developed over 10 years in Manila. The transacted brand is part of a well known group which operates a private collection of brands in the Philippines in logistics, real estate and fashion. The business comes inclusive of a solid customer base, storage systems and a professional business team. This latest transaction is the second successful closing and win for Throne in 2018.

Jimmy, Throne founder, said “It brings me joy to see a transaction such as this which is a genuine win-win-win situation. An 8 month journey comes to a pleasant ending after persistence and commitment by all parties involved to close the deal. I am grateful for the opportunity to facilitate a strategic maneuver for our client and anticipate an equally exciting second half of the year for Throne.”

Throne is a specialized M&A Advisory focusing on logistics space transactions across a range of logistics verticals including Cold Chain, Last Mile, 3PL, Logistics Real Estate, Archiving and specialized Perishables, Chemicals, Automotive and Technology focused logistics businesses within the Asia-Pacific Region.

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